We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Kids and the Lion King!

Tuesday, April 22nd.  Deanna, Jake and Johnny have been in Branson, MO conducting their annual Jubilee conference for that area and I was able to keep two of the four sweetest little children in the world!  Katie and Carson are just incredible little people.  You would not believe how well trained they are.  They set their own alarm for school, get themselves dressed and completely ready for school then come downstairs and wake me up!  Then, they prepare their cereal and sit and talk with each other and then head for school.  With no complaining or bickering about not wanting to go to school...even after a very late night like last night when we went to see the Lion King!  It was a wonderful show and the kids really, really liked it but just could not stay awake for the ride home! Next week is another Jubilee conference, this one in Myrtle Beach, SC, and this time the kids and I will go!  I'll get to see my brother, sister-in-law and little nephews and nieces and I am really looking forward to that.

Celebrations and Dedications!

Sunday, April 20th....Finally!  The Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers finally have classrooms!  Not only do they have classrooms, but each of them have a  state of the art large meeting room complete with stage, lights and sound.  Plus, a cafe on each side!  The Big House was renamed the Warehouse and is clearly marked on one side for the Middle School and the other side the High School.  Those kids are pumped!  We had the grand opening and dedication of the new building on Sunday night and served hot dogs and hamburgers while people toured the new facility and the kids had rides, moonwalks and so much fun!  The fellowship time was great and the weather was wonderful.  If you haven't seen it...you MUST!

Sunday, April 20th...Happy 2nd Anniversary Vinings Lake Baptist Church.  Pete and Hollie celebrated their 2nd anniversary at Vinings Lake this past Sunday.  It was a great day of celebrating the past and being challenged for the future.  I had a little 'surprise' greeting for Pete right as he approached the platform for his message.  (These preachers are never going to trust me in their services again!).....

Hope got her haircut!  It is soooo cute!  I was happy to get to have Sunday lunch with them after church.  

Busy, Busy Saturday

Saturday, April 19th .... 7:30pm...The First Race at Dixie since the death of our wonderful friend, Mike Swims.  It was a very sad night for me and for many others.  Debra stood there with the radio just waiting for Mike to call her for something....anything!  But, of course, it didn't happen.  Another emotional time was when it was announced that Chase, Mike and Debra's son, was driving the Pace Truck.  Mike ALWAYS drove the Pace Truck.  Things will never be quite the same at Dixie without Mike and dirt track racing in general is missing him now.  Johnny will be having a special time of remembrance at the official Season Opener at Dixie on Sat. May 3.  We are praying for an "Unclouded Day"!

Saturday, April 19....Lindsey's First Bridal Shower!  My niece, Lindsey and her Mother-in-law-to-be????  Isn't that scary? I still can't believe she is going to be Mrs. Taylor Dorner!  Lisa's friends gave Lindsey her first shower and lots of Lisa's friends were able to go and meet Lindsey for the first time.  I am sure she made a great impression!  Hollie, Addie, Deanna, Katie and I were honored to be invited to represent the Fam!  Deanna had to hurry and get to Carson's race and I needed to make an appearance at the Creekside Bank dedication.  It was a very nice shower and of course, Lindsey loved getting gifts!....pink kitchen utensils that she will probably not need!

Saturday, April 19....A Day of Dedications....9:30  Jivan Wellness Center in Johns Creek...Wow!  Was that star studded or what??  If it wasn't enough for the famous Johnny Hunt to attend the dedication service, but also present was our sweet friend and Governor of the great state of Georgia..Sonny Perdue, PLUS...John Smoltz, pitcher for the Braves...and another local celebrity that I was excited to meet for the first time...JEFF FOXWORTHY!  He really is a very nice guy...but then, aren't most of us Rednecks?  And besides, he is smarter than a fifth-grader and all fifth-graders know to be nice and polite.  Jivan Wellness is a great place to go for a massage, facial, etc. and try out their 'Indian oils' which help heal a tired, sore body.  

The day continued with the 11:30 official grand opening and dedication of the Creekside Bank in Woodstock that Johnny is affliated with.  That one was attended only by Johnny since I needed to go to Lindsey's bridal shower!  If you haven't visited the new bank, you really should. The people there are extremely friendly and the bank is just beautiful!  A very pleasant and personable place to do banking.

April Family Night

Friday, April 18....our monthly family night was a blast as usual!  This month it was Deanna and Jake's turn to choose the activities and they picked the 755 Club for dinner and then the Braves game.  It was a beautiful night for being outdoors and a perfect time of enjoyment with the family!  I get to choose the next time and place for family night....does anyone have any suggestions for the Hunt, Carswell, Hixson clan?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hopie at Cagle's Dairy Farm

Wednesday I was honored to meet Hope at the Cagle's Dairy Farm for her Kindergarten class field trip!  She had so much fun and I enjoyed even more being able to be with her for the morning.  She is such a sweet child and enjoys doing EVERYTHING!  I think she likes me!

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tuesday, April 15

Johnny had the privilege of speaking at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, the school where he received  his degree, as he spoke at the commissioning service for the students that will be going to serve the Lord on the mission field for the next 2+ years.  Danny Akin, president of the seminary, pictured with Johnny, invited us to stay with him and sweet Mrs. Charlotte in the seminary mansion.  In their home is a bedroom and bath that was dedicated to Janet Hunt in honor of the grandchildren.  You will notice on the wall is a copy of my testimony and a picture of me and the grandchildren.  

Mega Metro Conference in Orlando, FL

Emeril's was fabulous!

Our Annual Mega Metro Conference for Senior Pastors and Wives was held this year in Orlando, Florida and the Florida pastors and their wives who hosted it along with Diane and Jay Strack did a fabulous job and we enjoyed it sooo much.  As you can see by some of the pictures I have posted that we stayed very busy and had no time for rest!  I'll try to give you an idea of some of the highlights of the three short days.  Immediately after arriving in Orlando, we dashed to see the Blue Man Group show.  It was so very entertaining.  Afterwards we dined at Emeril's and that was a true treat.  The food was definitely of the quality and taste that we had expected.  Our Monday evening dinner was highlighted by the presence and message of Pat Williams who is the Senior VP of the Orlando Magic.  He is a great presenter and motivator.  The Tuesday evening dinner was certainly memorable as we heard and met Al Weiss, pictured here on the platform and afterwards with Johnny and me at the great dessert reception and fireworks at the Eau du France in EPCOT.  Mr. Weiss is the President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.  The amazing thing about him is that he has a burning passion for planting churches in Mega cities. One we certainly share with him so he and Johnny were quite a pair together!  Sea World was the site of one of our meeting sessions and the best mall in Florida was the setting for one of the ladies sessions....isn't that too bad!   We ended our time in Orlando with another treat of being able to go see the LANouBA Cirque Du Soleil.  I highly recommend going to see that show.  It was very unusual and worth every moment you spend being there.   Great job Diane Strack, Ginny Whitten and Rachel Uth and spouses.  You did good!

                                               The gals having lunch after the conference is over and Diane still can't quit working!

Sunday, April 6, 2008/AM Service

If you were not there to witness it for yourself,  you MUST go to the FBCW.org website and look at my 'setting the story straight' interruption right in the middle of Johnny's sermon! You have to see the look of fear on his face.   Now I have him right where I want him....never knowing what to expect from me!