We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Best Donut in the World!

I was born on a bingo table in Carolina Beach, NC and can remember finally getting old enough that my mom would let me leave the Bingo and go get a donut all by myself at Britts Donuts on the Boardwalk of Carolina Beach!  They have been there since 1939....way before I was born!  Recently there was an article in the newspaper that they had been voted the 2nd best donut in the world!  (It could have been the 2nd best in the US, I can't remember, but probably the world!) These folks are also some of the friendliest and kindest people in the world as well. Believe it or not, they only make one kind of donut, glazed, and you have to eat it hot and you have to eat it there.  I say eat it, like you only eat one, but that is impossible....you can't only eat one.  You have to eat them until you get sick!  For some people it's two for some people it's five or six!  
Johnny preached at Northside Bapt. on Sunday morning so on Saturday night he knew he would need some extra energy to preach their three services since he is used to only preaching two so we went to Britt's after the wedding reception (about 20 of us) and he ate 5 donuts to make it through Sunday and of course, they worked just fine!  He didn't come down from his sugar high until Sunday afternoon!  This is how good they are.....You'll notice in the pictures that Lindsey and Taylor were supposed to have left for their honeymoon after the sendoff at the reception, but who showed up....the bride and groom!  They couldn't leave town without their Britt's donut!  OR was it that they couldn't leave because they knew they were missing something???? You know them so you decide!  After all, they'll be back on Friday night from their honeymoon in Grand Cayman because we have a race this weekend in NC!  Next stop....Myrtle Beach!


Michele Helms said...

Better than hot Krispy Kreme?? Surely not! Michele

Joy said...

Hi Janet!! I don't know Lindsay; but have heard about her from Brittney; so I'm enjoying hearing about the wedding! I've never had a Britt's doughnut. I am a Krispy Kreme gal myself but could enjoy a new try. Have you ever tried the doughnut store in Destin, FL? It's called the Donut Hole - soooo good. Came up to Mom & Dad's the other week; it was last minute and quick. Went to the "Sugarplum Tea Room" - it was good! Love - Joy Williams

Eddie said...

You know, a real friend would not only tell you about these great doughnuts, but would bring one home for you to try. Get the hint?