We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Monday, September 22, 2008

He Knocked It Out of the Park!!

Tonight Johnny addressed the Executive Committee in Nashville.  This was the first 'biggie' that he has done since becoming President of the SBC.  He did sooo good (and he looked really good, too).  All of you would have been proud of Pastor Johnny!  I certainly was!  A group of men from FBCW were kind enough to drive all the way to Nashville just for his SBC address.  The room gave him a standing O at his introduction which shows how well respected he is among the brethren.  In his opening remarks, he commented on how his first love is being the Pastor of FBCW......however, you already knew that!  Thank you for praying for him tonight....your prayers were answered.  


Michele Helms said...

We love both of you very much!!!

The Hackney's said...

God is good and faithful! You are both so amazing and mean so much to our family! I am so proud to call FBCW home and have the Hunt family as our leaders! God bless!

Mike comes home in 6 weeks!! YAY GOD!


Pastor Phil said...

Pastor, I praise the Lord for the way the Lord is using you and is going to use you to make a huge impact on churches and pastors in the SBC. Sir, I deeply love you and Ms. Janet. Phil Young