We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

37 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Johnny and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary on November 21. It usually falls during the week of Thanksgiving and it could not come at a better time since I am so very thankful for such a wonderful husband. His first goal is to be a Christian that honors Christ in all he says and does and he is successful! His second goal it to love and honor me as his wife and help-meet and keep me happy and he is very successful at that was well! His third goal is to love and honor his children and grandchildren and spend all the time he can with them investing in their lives and he certainly does that well! Thank you, husband, for all you are and for all you do for us making us happy every day. We love you dearly!

The Costa Rica Thanksgiving Family Vacation

We had an absolutely wonderful family vacation to Costa Rica! Celebrating Thanksgiving in a foreign country is always interesting but we had a great Thanksgiving dinner together and were literally as stuffed as turkeys! This is Addie when it was time to leave! I felt like doing the same thing, but I would not be able to get away with it since Johnny was there! He would have been too embarassed.
One of my favorite things about Costa Rica were the monkeys! The ones we took with us and the ones from Costa Rica that lived in the trees!

We stayed at the Four Seasons and they had a fabulous children's program. The kids really wanted to stay all day long and even in the evening for the special activities. They had a great staff who really liked our kids, of course!

Hopie and Petie!
Carson and Jake!
Beautiful country! and Beautiful kids!
Go to Deanna and Hollie's blogspot for more great pictures of the Costa Rica Family Vacation!

A Short But Wonderful Trip to New York City!

We had a short but great trip to New York City this month. I was there only for one night but for two days and did a lot and saw a lot. You can make much progress in NY when time is short! The weather was sooo perfect! Johnny went on to upstate New York for a Timothy+Barnabas conference (it snowed!) but I could not go because I needed to get back home to leave for vacation in Costa Rica the next day! I will arrive in CR on Friday with Jake, Deanna, Katie and Carson and Johnny, Hollie, Pete, Hope and Addie will join us on Monday.

I guess we have seen the Christmas Show with the Rockettes at Radio City Hall five times and this time was as great as the first! They had changed some parts and added some great new stuff and we loved it again! How can you not love everything about New York?

We really can't go anywhere without someone knowing us in some way! We walked out of Carnegie's Deli in New York City and someone said, "Sir, aren't you Johnny Hunt?" We had never met these people, but one of them knew who Johnny was. They minister to Jewish Christians in New York City.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A word from your sponsor

I thought I would let all of you know that I am alive and loving my sweet wife BIG TIME! She seems to get more beautiful, charming, and enjoyable with each passing day. Hope all of you are enjoying Jesus and the life He has so richly blessed us with. You are loved.
Your sponsor, Johnny Hunt

We Finally Found Them!

Special Friends...Blaine and Pat Johnson
Leave it to the men to get the details on certain things and you are sure to not get all of them! We were to meet our special friends who were members when we were at Long Leaf in Wilm. at the Salt Works restaurant after the men's conference supposedly at 11:30am. So we were there at 11:30am but it was the wrong Salt Works (there are two of them) and it was to be at 12:30 and not 11:30! So, one hour later, we found them at the right place. Luckily, they had eaten a late breakfast and didn't want lunch, we had already eaten at the wrong Salt Works. However, we had a short but great visit with them and it was nice to see them again. They are coming through Atlanta around Christmas and we hope to visit with them again. This time I will give the details! Happy 80th Birthday, Blaine!

A Quick Trip to Wilmington, NC

Johnny scheduled a men's conference in Wilmington quite a while ago that was held on Friday night and Saturday morning at Northside Baptist Church. So, of course, I went along with him for a first visit back to Wilmington since both my Mom and Dad have been in heaven. It was quite a different experience for me, but I had a great time visiting with my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and nieces (Lindsey was there, too!). The Fair happened to be going on and we enjoyed that but it was sooo cold and windy. We almost froze to death, but had a great time!
I have to figure out a way to see them more.....they actually like me......so much fun.
Saturday morning soccer game..in the cold wind!
Blaise, my nephew, (in the red pants) will not have a career in soccer....it did not seem to be his passion, but he did enjoy the snacks at the end of the game.
My precious special little nephew, Dalton, had a wonderful time at the Fair!
My sweet little niece, Maranda, and her mom, Julie (I like her, too) on a ride at the Fair. Maranda especially liked the music and danced all night!
No visit to the Fair is complete without cotton candy no matter how worked up the kids already are! Sugar highs are required at the Fair!

A quick trip to Wilmington also means a brief visit to the cemetary.
I am really missing them both.

Happy Halloween....Happy Birthday!

Well, they did it again! My two sweet daughters celebrated my 35th birthday, again...with style....weird style at MY request. My birthday is a day I like to come and go quietly but they like to have a party because they know that party is what I like to do, but not at my expense. So, to celebrate my birthday I insisted that we celebrate it on Halloween but the requirement for participation was that each person had to dress up...after all, it WAS Halloween. We went to the Swan Coach House and had such a great time. Here are some pictures from the big event.
If you were not invited to the party, don't fret because at least you have another chance to eat at the Swan Coach House because they may not ever let any of us back in there again. The staff may not have been too thrilled about us being there, but the other guests in the restaurant got a kick out of our party. Can you believe that we were the only ones there who were dressed for the occasion? Some people just do not know how to have fun!

The two best daughters in the world!
A Great Birthday Cake!

Friday, November 2, 2007