We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello, Mr. President!

We had the awesome privilege of meeting President and Mrs. Bush in Washington on Monday evening. Governor and Mrs. Perdue invited us to be their guests at the Republican Governor's Gala making us two of the few official greeters as the President and First Lady arrived at the event. As you might expect, they were very warm and personable and interested in who we were.....as we were in the line with a couple of Governor's and their wives. Johnny explained that he was the Pastor of Sonny Perdue and he said, "Sonny needs a Pastor and I need a Pastor!" We had our picture made with the two of them and then with Governor, Mary and the President and wife. Of course these were taken by the White House photogaphers so I do not yet have the pictures, but be assured you will see them as soon as they arrive! Another treat that night was to meet Arnold....from California!! He was unbelievably short! The Terminator was short!!! That is, short compared to the height I had expected him to be....not even 6 feet tall! Johnny could look him in the eyes....of course, I couldn't because I was star-struck!!! I couldn't even think straight enough to grab the camera and take a picture. The Governor kept saying, "Do you want a picture with him?....By the time I could say, "yes", he was off and away!!! The words just wouldn't come out!

After all the introductions, it was time for the program and guess who gave the invocation???? Yes, my famous husband, Dr. Johnny Hunt....prayed before President Bush delivered his speech! However, that night he was, Dr. Johnny Hunt, from Woodcock. Georgia! Woodcock....Woodstock ... call it what you will, just bring on the famous people!

Governor and Ms. Mary left after the event with 5 other Governors and wives to go to the White House to spend the night there after having dinner with Pres. and Mrs. Bush in their private quarters.

On Tuesday morning, Governor Perdue arranged a guided tour of the White House for me and Johnny. We were only able to visit the East Wing but it was wonderful to see and hear about all the history of that famous house.

It may be a long time before we desire to visit Washington again and especially the White House, so this was definitely a blessing from God and we give Him thanks for making it happen.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carson Carswell #98!!

Carson Carswell....#98 Quarter Midget Racer! Isn't that just the cutest little racecar driver you have ever seen? He had 3 practice races this weekend and did great! He had two second place finishes and one WIN!! Yeah...Go Carson! We're ready to race!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines....Finally!!!

At last it is race season! The Daytona 500 had a great ending as I had expected. I was very happy with Ryan Newman winning the race. He is a good guy. A little trivia...Eddie Carswell sang at his wedding a couple of years ago. I spoke with Ryan at the Atlanta race in October and he spoke of what a great guy Eddie is. Of course, I was so star struck even standing beside Ryan Newman that I really couldn't hardly concentrate on what he was saying!

Anyway, it was fun to watch the race today while snuggled up on the sofa after months of waiting to hear those famous words to start the beginning of the Race season.....racing to church just as the race is about to finish hoping to hear the finish before 6:00 when the service starts....sitting out in the car until you just HAVE to go in before the lights come back on after the baptismal part of the service as not to be such a obstacle walking to my seat in front of all those people! Then, possibly having to get a text message from Deanna telling me who won the race if it ended after 6:05! Another part of race season...seeing just how many of the PASS (ProAllStarSeries) races I can make it to without my sweet preacher husband totally disowning me! Those are the races that Jake and Deanna's car runs in. And then there is our own little racecar driver, Carson. He drives a quarter-midget, so some Saturdays when we are not away at the PASS races we get to go to Cumming and literally spend the day with him and the other great little NASCAR drivers of the future.

I guess you know by now that I am not at home in Woodstock to be able to watch the entire Daytona race. I am at the beach and it has been a great time. The winter weather has been great for a 'race retreat'! Yesterday was very very warm beach weather and today was very very good watch the race on TV weather. Thank you husband for letting me take this little retreat!

Valentine's Week.....not just a day!

My husband sure knows how to honor his wife as his sweetheart! He began by taking me to Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville for a couple of nights for spa treatments, romantic yummy dinners, cozy breakfasts by the fire in our snuggly little cottage while whispering sweet everythings in my ear!!! He was so wonderful making everything perfect for the two of us.

Then...on Wednesday he fixed me a wonderful breakfast in bed complete with fried eggs, grits, bacon, toast, muffins, orange juice, diet coke all made to order! The remarkable thing is that it was sooo tasty and he didn't even make a huge mess! (We were having company for the remainder of the week for Real Evangelism so he was thinking ahead and treated me early)

Then....that night, he waited up until a little after midnight and presented me with some great gifts!!!! Diamonds, of course! There again, he was thinking ahead because he knew he was going to be very busy with church activities and since he is the husband that he is, he didn't want me to go a minute Valentine's Day thinking he was not going to have a gift for me. Of course, everything he had already done would have been more than plenty, but that is how he is....The Most Wonderful Man in the World Who Really Knows How to Show His Love to Me! I THINK I WILL KEEP HIM!

He was right! After that, it was an extremely busy week with a dental appointment that made me extremely loopy (that is another story that I hope you don't hear about and if you do, don't believe it!) guests in our home, Real Evangelism, lunch with dear friends who have been fired from their church, school activities with the grandchildren......whew!! What a Week! I Need a Break.....I'm going to the Beach!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mike Huckabee's visit to FBCW

Wow! What a day at First Baptist Woodstock! It all began with the scheduled visit from the BBC from England to do a story on our church which will eventually air on the History Channel.
Then, the midweek scheduling of Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee, to worship at FBCW at both services. He gave a testimony that was very Christ honoring without doing a 'political speech'. His testimony would definitely be worth viewing on the FBCW website when it is available. Mr. Huckabee's testimony was followed by a GREAT message by our beloved Pastor! Without having to say, with all the media attention toward FBCW this week, we were full in both services.
Don't forget, Tuesday is the Primary Election!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 Men's Conference at FBCW

I have never seen so many men in one room in all my life! Well over 8,000 (eight thousand)!!!! It was a great sight. I even thought I saw a woman or two, but it was a false alarm! I hear the men had a wonderful conference and I believe it because they had the best teacher to men in all the world. My husband is a great man and knows how to motivate men to seek the Lord in every aspect of their lives and put Him first , especially in their marriage. After 37 years of marriage, he now has it all downpat and is the best husband, father, grandfather and pastor that anyone could ever ask for! Just ask me, I know! I love Johnny Hunt and always will! I could not be more proud of him.

Happy Birthday, Susan!

On Thursday night we were happy to be able to have dinner with our sweet friends, Susan and Allen Power. We did not know it was her birthday and it was very special to celebrate with the two of them. Our friend from Argentina, Alex Belmar, also with with us. It is wonderful to have good friends you enjoy being with. Happy Birthday, Susan.