We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Of Course, I Did!

Of course, I went geocaching in Argentina!  However, I was wondering if it was really going to work out and yeah!!!!  I went to the most interesting place yet geocaching!  It was the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. They say it is one of the most visited sites in the world.  I have never been any place like this before.  It was a very very old cemetery where lots of famous people from around the world are buried....or not really buried....they are in coffins right there where you can see most of them (not the people, but the coffins!)  Lots of statues and a great place for photography but of course, I didn't have my good camera trying to travel light!! We saw where Evita Peron is laid to rest.  In the first picture, the cache was located at the end of the aisle of tombs....the second picture shows me trying to climb on Millie's leg to reach the cache...and the third one shows us holding the treasure!  Inside the cache was a travel bug that originated in Germany and traveled to Argentina via Peru.  I took it with me so it could travel to the US.  Its goal is to travel around the world and back to Germany.  We had a wonderful time in Argentina, but now back to life in America..... tomorrow.....ON TO THE RACES IN JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA!  GO 98!!!!!!!!!!  However, I'll see you at church on Sunday!

Timothy+Barnabas Argentina 2009

The trip to Argentina was a great event to say the least.  We held a Timothy+Barnabas Conference at the Word of Life facility and it was well attended and the pastors and wives were so kind and really seemed to enjoy everything.  As we arrived in Argentina, we had to all wear a mask because of the flu epidemic around the country.  That was a sight to behold with all of us wearing those masks!  At the conference was a famous soccer player that scored the win for a well known game between Argentina and Brazil...I can't tell you what his name is but anyone from Argentina or Brazil certainly can!  He gave a great testimony of how he came to Christ and the mission work he is now doing around the world.  Also pictured is me with my good friends, Vickie Flockhart, Sylvia and Mirta whose husbands are the directors of the Word of Life Argentina.  The last picture......well, I don't know who they are, but aren't they cute??

FOREVER PLAID, "The Heavenly Hit Musical"

That was great fun!  Last week we went to see the musical, "Forever Plaid" at the Cumming Playhouse and it was so fantastic! Our friends, Gary Modlish, David Wise and Shane Cole were all in it and I can't say enough good about it.  You need to go and see it for yourself. Great entertainment and great musical talent. It will be playing there until June 28th.

Kidz Place

Katie and Carson were able to perform last week at the Kidz Place program at church last week and they were sooo absolutely adorable!  Carson did a great job on his solo and just loves to sing, dance and act.  He is quite the little entertainer. Denise Kissee and her team do such a wonderful job with the Kidz Place Ministry and I really believe that I enjoy it more than the children do!  (I am just glad I don't have to take part.  Definitely a 'spectator' event for me!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Addie's Kindergarten Graduation!

Happy Graduation Day to Our Precious Little Addie!!  She is now going to Kindergarten!! Oh My...They Grow So Fast!!  I would love to be in her classroom next year to hear what earful she will give her teacher....Lucky Lady!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Busy..................

So busy he can't see straight!  That is how busy my Mr. President is lately!  We are at the beach trying to rest up for 'what is to come' and the weather man found out I am here!  We have been lots of places where it should have been great beach weather and I haven't found it yet! Yesterday I was able to spend the entire day on the beach and it was glorious!!!  Then the cat must have gotten out of the bag and told someone that I was at the beach and the weather turned bad AGAIN!!!  Well....we came here to rest and rest we shall!! But it will not be in the sun, apparently

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was so much fun!  We went to the Georgian Club with all the family for the buffet and ate entirely too much but it was great!  I am so grateful for a happy, loving family! Thank you children and husband for a nice Mother's Day.

A Good Dog...but Large!

We couldn't end the day on Saturday without stopping by and saying hello to the Granddog, Buster  (the Mini Golden Doodle). He is growing at a rapid speed and gets cuter and cuter all the time.  It is amazing how much Hope and Addie just love this dog and he certainly loves them too....even though they can be as rough as him!  As for the other Granddog, Belle (the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), I stopped by to see her on Saturday and she was prissing around the house taking care of things while Jake and Deanna were away and very happy that she could finally go outside and ......................

Happy Birthday, Hope!

Saturday continues.......and then Hopie was EIGHT YEARS OLD!  I can't believe that precious little one is already 8! And growing up to be a little lady!  It really seems like a couple of years ago we were finally bringing her home from the hospital, at last! We had her birthday party at Stars and Strikes (bowling and activities center in Dallas, Ga.) and it was definitely a hit for the kids and loud for the adults!! BUT...what Hopie wants...Hopie gets....thanks to Papa!  We decided when the grandchildren came along that we would not buy birthday presents for the grandchildren but we would pay for their birthday parties. So whatever they decide to do for their celebration is what we give them as our gift. Happy Birthday Hope!  We love you with all our hearts!

And then it was Saturday!

After the race, we drove through the night to get Katie back for her annual dance recital.  She was so cute, and quite a dancer, I must say!  It is always entertaining to see these cute little girls do their dances they have worked on so hard during the year and the music is always great.  The leaders do a great job of organizing so many girls and making it an event that truly does glorify the Lord in the dance.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Wild Race Night!

Wow! What a wild race night it was!  We finally had a Friday night race so Johnny was able to go with us.  After leaving Myrtle Beach it was on to the Raleigh, NC area to the Wake County Speedway.  Lucas, from Argentina, Johnny's new mentee, went with us for his first experience with the "family obsession" of racing!  He really liked it, believe it or not! And, oh my! It was a crazy race!  We qualified 2nd but drew the starting position of #6.  We finally took the lead with 20 laps to go after a long battle and many cautions and double file restarts.  However, a car issue enabled us from keeping the lead and we finished 3rd.  It wasn't the finish we wanted (we wanted to win!) however, it had to be one of the best races we have ever had (other than our wins, of course!)  The competition was stiff, the driving on Justin's part was excellent and the race was HOT!! Jacksonville, NC is the next racing town.

Not just geocaching....

We really do something other than go geocaching! We have fun doing other things as well.  For example, we went to the Children's Museum in Myrtle Beach and the children had such a good time, they didn't want to leave.  We'll have to start a tour of children's museums in all our travels as well.  Carson really liked the bubble maker...especially when we discovered you could get inside of it and put yourself in the bubble!  How fun!

Monday, May 4, 2009

While in Myrtle Beach....

This time it is Pete and Hollie who are on a cruise and Deanna and I (along with Katie) are keeping Addie.  We are all in Myrtle Beach this week for the Jubilee Conference.  While Jake, Deanna and Johnny are busy with the conference, we are busy with.....you got it...Geocaching!!!! However, at the end of this week we'll be doing the other best thing in all the world!!!  RACING!!  Wake County here we come, but first, Myrtle Beach and more geocaching!

While in Wilmington.....

My brother, Greg, and my sister-in-law, Julie, went on a cruise this past week and Maddie, Lindsey and I shared responsibility of their three children, Blaise, Dalton & Maranda in Wilmington.  It was an extremely fun time and you know what we did for extra entertainment while there???   You are right!! Geocaching!!  My favorite new past-time....other than RACING which nothing can take the place of!  I am still a loyal race fan and I'll catch you up on that saga later.  Earlier in the week, I kept Katie and Carson while Deanna, Jake and Johnny went to Branson for the Jubilee conference.  Those little monkeys were so busy with school, dance, guitar, Kids Place practice and homework that we never did get to do any geocaching at the first of the week so it was great to finally get out and hunt in Wilmington.  I manage to find some 'newbies' for the sport everywhere I go.  Have you tried it yet?  Next stop...Myrtle Beach!

Brief Visit to California!

The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA  is a fabulous place to stay even though it was only for 1 night! However, while I was there, my sweet sweet friend, Pam Agee and her husband, Bill provided transportation for me and Johnny and Pam and I were able to go out on a 'geocaching trip'!!  Are you surprised?  The surprising part is that Pam actually went with me and could not believe the lengths I would go to in order to locate this cache!  I did find something that I had never found before....the belongings of a seemingly homeless person!  That was so sad...however, she must have found a home because the items, according to some of the logs I read on the site, had been there since January and seemed untouched!  The next morning after our hunt in the bushes of a very strange place, the local headlines of the newspaper read:  "Beware, Snake Season in California!!"  Thank you, Jesus!!!  We saw none!!!