We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can't help it!

I can't help it!  I just love monkeys!  This is Dr. Irvin, the monkey who visits the physically & mentally challenged....I guess that is why he is visiting me and I love him!  It goes back to my childhood when I had a pet monkey in my early teen years.  I am not sure what I have in common with primates, but they love me, too! (Don't bother posting your comments about that one!)

The Birth of New Geocachers!

Oh my!  Even the grandchildren have been bitten by the geocache bug!  I can't keep those kids out of the woods!  This was their first find along with Katie's friend from church, Elizabeth.  We have been twice since this photo and we are having a blast climbing steep hills, going across creeks and dodging the thorn bushes!  They are the little Carswell98ers!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Have you ever been Geocaching?  Now, that is great fun and adventure!  If you haven't heard of Geocaching, you should go to the website and check it out....www.geocaching.com.  Today Hollie, Katie & I went on our first Geocache adventure with our expert Geocachers, Brenda and Terry.  We had such a great time on our treasure hunt and I can't wait to go again!  My own personal handheld GPS is in the mail!! (No, Katie is NOT blind...the stick was just too handy when walking and poking around in the leaves!)  Thank you Brenda and Terry for the fun, fellowship and starter instructions for the beginning of a new hobby I can do here, there and everywhere!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

52 Years and Counting!

We had the pleasure of celebrating with our sweet friends, Bernadine and Wes Cantrell as they celebrated their 52nd Wedding Anniversary Monday night!  They are a wonderful couple and it is clear that they are still very much in love with each other! We so very much enjoyed celebrating with them and spending the evening together.  Happy Anniversary, Bernadine and Wes!

Another President?

Are all of our friends the President of something?  It looks that way!  This is Ed Litton, President of the Pastor's Conference of the SBC for the 2009 Annual Meeting.  Ed is also Pastor of the FBC of North Mobile, AL.  His sweet wife, Tammy, was a good friend of mine and was killed in an automobile accident in August 2007.  We really miss her.  Ed preached at our church this past Sunday night and did an incredible job!  We love Ed Litton!

Joy is Back!

I am so glad that Joy is finally back in town!!!  I have really missed her!  Joy Goodwin Wilson's husband, Brad, has graduated and they are currently in Canton, at least for now.  She is such a great photographer, as she trained under one of the best I have ever known, being Faith Sims!  Johnny needed some new photos made and Joy was kind enough to meet us after church on Sunday (since Johnny was dressed in his Sunday best) and took some great shots of him!  Who knows, you may see him one day on the Wall of Presidents in Nashville!  If you need any type of photography done, Joy is WONDERFUL...and I am sure she could use the work!!  Joywilsonphotography.com

A Wonderful & Fun Family!

We are long time friends of Ricky and Dr. Cathy Morris going back to our Wilmington days.  It was great to share a dinner with them on Saturday night.  They are a wonderful family!  It has always amazed me how Ricky enjoys being at home with the children and even home schools them while Cathy has a practice in Internal Medicine and is a fantastic doctor.  Also, Ricky is a g-r-e-a-t cook!  Definitely a 'jack of all trades!'  Thanks for the wonderful meal and great fellowship!

Happy Birthday, Judy!

Happy Birthday!  While Johnny was at the Men's Conference......I was celebrating with my friend, Judy Thomas!  Happy Birthday, Judy!

6,000 Men?

I have never seen so many men in one building in all my life!!  That was a sight to behold!  And of course, Johnny wasn't even nervous about it all!  I was scared for him though.  My husband is the greatest guy in all the world.  The men at the Temptation Island Men's Conference were so fortunate to sit under such a Godly man as he.  He is truly a 'man after God's own heart!'  Another conference this weekend with another packed house!  I love my husband!

Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Donna C. and Katie D.!

Thank Heaven for Little Girls....and Talented Friends without Grandchildren!  Donna Cheek and Katie Deese are a God-send!!  Little Addie wanted to have a tea party for her birthday and Donna and Katie volunteered to do everything!  They did such a fabulous job!  Right down to the personalized tea cup/cup cake with cookie saucer with each child's name on the saucer!  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  These picture do not do justice to the beauty of it all!  Donna even had the girls spellbound with a story about a little girl having tea with the Queen....and of course, the queen was her grandmother!!!  I knew it!!  The girls all had such a great time and I believe that Katie and Donna did too (even though they worked tirelessly on the project!)  THANK YOU KATIE AND DONNA not only for a great party, but for loving little Addie and little Hope like you do!  (You too, Mr. Cheek!) A little hint:  I think they would consider doing this again....for you and even at their house in their ballroom!  Just ask!  Of course, there may be a small fee...but well worth it!