We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Fun!

We finally got back to our "monthly family outings" after a busy summer.  It was my turn to chose an activity for the family and I chose to visit our friends' ranch!  We had a blast!  We had a lady who came and fixed our meals, went fishing, horseback riding and four wheeling!  It was a great time together and everybody had sooo much fun.  Here are pictures of some of the highlights.  I am sure the girls will also have some to post on their blogs!

Johnny rests up for the big weekend.  He couldn't possibly have a family outing without the famous "NAP".......This fish is really much larger than it appears!  It is actually about 3 feet long!  Pictures are deceiving!
Hope and Addie caught fish with their little "Dora" rod and reels!  Yes, they really work!  Addie caught 5 fish!  She may not like horseback riding but she loves to fish!  And who would that be like???
Family Fishing!
Johnny rescues Hollie from her fish!
All smiles from catching fish!
Do you think the 'chief' rode the horses or the four-wheelers???
Katie with one of her many fish she caught with her "Barbie" rod and reel!  I didn't know Barbie liked to fish!  However, I didn't find a "Ken" rod and reel.  I wonder who took Barbie fishing?
Even the Spiderman rod and reel worked for Carson!  Spiderman and fishing....???  somehow that doesn't sound right either!!
Jake....he's a cowboy!!
Katie is finally comfortable on the horse and Pete is like Jake...a real cowboy...he's from Iowa, remember?  They have corn and horses in Iowa!
Carson was brave enough to gallop!  He got so tickled when he started bouncing!  He loved it!
Below:  Two little Indians!  A white Indian and a.....dark Indian!

Hopie just LOVES horses and riding them!  She was the most comfortable of the girls on the horse! She would have ridden the horse all day if she could have!  I think she is the #1 fan of the horses.....unlike some of the rest of us!
Addie rode the horse, but couldn't get off quick enough!  However, she definitely won the best dressed award for the day!  After all, she had rather look good than break her other arm!
Oh no!  The horse is moving!!!!  Yes, she really is an Indian!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Timothy+Barnabas Gala

The Timothy+Barnabas Trio!  Lookout!  Here we are all dressed up and having a photo session at the Gala on Thursday night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta.  We are getting ready for the two sessions of Timothy+Barnabas beginning next month in Atlanta and Gatlinburg.  You never know what crazy plans we'll make this time!  Pictured is Julia Basich (our T+B stylist), Me and you may not recognize Sarah Hill (my right hand 'man') she is the one in the black and gold DRESS!!  How fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here it is!!!!

Hot off the press!!!!  The 98 in Victory Lane!  For the complete story go to www.racewithpass.com

GO 98!!!!

And boy did it ever go!!!  Right to the Finish Line for a checkered flag finish!!!!  Our very first win of the season!!!!  Now we can add the Dillon Speedway to our list of favorite tracks along with Greenville Pickens where we had our first ever win with NASCAR.  Even though my 98 shirts were hanging here at home lonely and sad not to be there, Johnny and I are sooooo elated for the 98 team!  They were the fastest qualifier and fastest on the track overall all weekend.  The race was rained out on Saturday night and was held at 1:30pm today, Sunday.  Congratulations to Justin Wakefield (driver), Jody Ridley (crew chief), Jake and Deanna Carswell (car owners), Taylor Dorner (pit crew), Lindsey Dorner (scorer), Jimmy Wakefield (spotter), ME (absentee #1 Fan), Derema Davis, (absentee #2 Fan), Greg Allen (present for race, uncle, Fan)!  I'll post pictures when I get them if I am able through the tears of not being able to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But.  As my mentor, Scarlet, once said, with the back of her hand over her forehead, "Tomorrow is another....Race!!!"