We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's finally over!  I am so very proud of my little husband.  He did such a marvelous job presiding over the convention. It was tough getting started since he had never been in that exact position before, but once he was accustomed to 'what he was doing', he relaxed and was not nearly as tensed as in the beginning.  We thank everyone for their prayers because we know that is what has gotten us through this last week.  Our friends have been faithful to pray for us just as they had promised and we truly thank you.  I am posting some pictures from the week.  I can't begin to tell you how long the days were and how exhausting it all was!  You will notice that the blogging stopped once the convention got started because there was absolutely no time for anything.....not even much sleep!  However, God is faithful and we made it through! Now....we know a little more of what we are doing.....look out Orlando.....here we come.....June 2010.....and then.....we're DONE!!

He is such a handsome President!
Much more at ease with the Press Conference than last year 
The overwhelming vote in favor of the Great Commission Resurgence and the authority for the President to appoint a task force to report at the 2010 Convention gathering in Orlando
Those screens were BIG!
Tie his hands and he can't talk! Ummmm, I haven't tried that...but I won't...will I?
The great FBCW choir and orchestra was so very supportive and kind to travel to Louisville.
In cooperation with Larry Jones and Feed the Children hundred of families were given food, cosmetics and personal items.  Next year, the goal is to send 50 tractor trailer loads to Orlando for distribution by Southern Baptists.
Husband was re-elected for another term as President of the SBC
He's such a fired-up little preacher!
A sermon a day.......sometimes two!
Singin' to Jesus!
Newsong....are they great or what????  We just love those guys!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Morning!

Early morning breakfast in our suite for a meeting of the minds with the attorneys, parliamentarians, etc. preparing for tomorrow's session of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention 


Greetings from the SBC President to the meetings of the Hispanic and Native Americans preparing for the SBC.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Sunday in Louisville, KY

It's Sunday and we're off!  First stop was Johnny preaching at the COSBE conference (Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists).  Then it was greeting the worship service for the delegation from First Baptist Church, North Mobile, AL.  After that worship service, Johnny and I hosted a President's Luncheon for all the heads of the different SBC Committees.  It has been quite a day already and it is only 3:00pm!  I can't wait to see what is next!

I Just Couldn't Help It!

With the few minutes I had that you could consider 'free time', I could not help but go make a quick geocache find!  There is was....right on the front porch of the Cracker Barrell.  I knew it was a micro....the hint was LCJ....after waiting 20 minutes for the muggles to be seated, I was able to go over to the newspaper stand for the Louisville Courier Journal  and under the newspaper box was a magnetic key holder with the log to sign!  It made my day!!  I was able to take a two mile walk finally getting out of the confines of the building, take in some humid, hot fresh air and feed my geocache addiction!  It was great!  Now back to the convention.........

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go 98!

Well....I am in Louisville being the supportive wife of the President and had to miss the race tonight!  I hear that all of Woodstock was in Senoia, Ga. for the PASS South Race watching the 98 speed to victory! Well, maybe not a winning victory, but at least it was 4th place.  My really good friend, Derema, granddaughter, Katie and darling daughter, Deanna texted me throughout the race giving me a play by play of each move of the car. My other darling daughter, Hollie and precious niece, Lindsey, texted me rubbing it in that they were there and I wasn't!  That was cruel!  Speaking of cruel.....this larger than life cut-out of me and Johnny is supposed to be used at the convention this week and we look like giants!  However, you'll notice we are giant 98 fans even in Louisville, KY!  Next race is at our all time favorite track....Greenville, SC on July 3.  Now back to the convention!


More interviews, block parties and outreach events in Louisville!  What a day!

LoveLoud & Feed the Children

Our day began early this morning doing press interviews and attending a great Crossover Event partnering with Feed the Children.  Around 400 boxes of food were given at just this one location and several more were taking place at the same time around Louisville.  Larry Jones from the Feed the Children Organization was on hand and the picture below is him interviewing Johnny about the SBC LoveLoud Project.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The SBC Annual Convention

Getting Ready for the SBC....Louisville, Kentucky

Watch it live online at www.sbc.net.  Johnny preaches the closing message of the Pastor's Conference on Sunday night at 7:45pm.  The Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention begins at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 23.  Dr. Johnny Hunt, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Presiding. 

Got Gas?

Can you guess what is happening here?  Of course, she said it was Taylor's fault!

Monday, June 15, 2009

June Family Day!

Skeletal remains of a dolphin!
Boating Beauties!

Yes...the Hunts, Carswells and Hixsons are as usual a very busy families, but not too busy to take a day out with the family! Our family outing this month was while we were at Panama City Beach for the youth camps.  Johnny and Pete were there to speak at some of the sessions and Jake and Deanna were there for.......the summer.  Our friends in PCB have a great boat and they took all of us out for a day of fun to an island that has absolutely nothing on it and nobody!  It was fabulous to be there on that deserted island with not a care in the world.....not even the SBC!!  At least for a day....now back to real life.  I trust you are praying for us this week as we prepare for the annual meeting of the SBC.  Pray especially for my husband as he leads the convention meeting next week.  The Convention begins on Tuesday morning.  Ready or not, Louisville Here We Come! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Highlights from PCB

I think they would be male and female feet?

Beach Bunnies!

On Saturday morning I took Katie and Carson to a Fishing Clinic for Kids in PCB.  It was very educational and lots of fun!  At the end of the clinic, they gave each child a fishing pole, tackle box, books about fishing and fish identification, fed us all lunch and it was totally free!  We didn't catch any fish but it sure was fun and a great memory maker.
A day of boating at Crooked Island was the highlight of our week in PCB.

What a cute little family having fun at the beach!

It's a True F-O-R-D!

The 98 was truly a F-O-R-D! Fastest On Race Day!!  We WERE the fastest car in the field and won the pole, HOWEVER, as racing goes....we didn't win the race!!  The PASS South series does a redraw for the top 10 qualifiers and they draw for their final position in the race and we drew the number 8 which means we started the race in the 8th spot.  It was difficult getting to the front and at one time on a restart we even ended up in 11th place!  However, when all was said and done at the end of the race we had managed to work up to 3rd place!  We would have loved to win that one, but we were happy with the 3rd place finish considering all things during the race. But guess what....there is always another race and another possible win!

We didn't win the race, but, of course, we went geocaching and found it!  They really are EVERYWHERE!!!