We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go 98!

Second Place!  Not bad for the first race of the season...but if the guy who came in first had not come from Maine to race, we would have won!  I guess we just have something to look forward to ...a win, hopefully very soon....like maybe the next race??  The race car was HOT!!!  Fun racing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally! It Has Arrived!!!

Any of you who know me very well know exactly what I am talking about....RACE SEASON!!!!  YEAH!!!  It has been a long winter and time to get back to the 'other life' of fun and challenge....racing!  In the picture, Addie and I are listening to Race Talk Radio and the interview with Jake concerning the upcoming race season as a car owner.  Who says that grandmothers cannot influence grandchildren without candy and toys!!  Addie is a true race fan and this is proof!  She HAD to listen to the broadcast with me!  Even when she was a baby she would sit with us at Dixie and intensely watch the cars go around the track.  She inherited the love for racing and I am so delighted!  Deanna, Jake, Katie, Carson, Lindsey, Taylor and ADDIE left Thursday for the race this weekend......I am leaving....in just a minute!!!  DILLION MOTOR SPEEDWAY...HERE WE COME!!  (A few tidbits about Dillion, SC....1.  That is the town where Johnny and I married 38 years ago!  2.  We had a win there last year.  3.  With this information, Dillon is definitely a winning town...it was a winner for me.  If you pray for cats and dogs, you can pray for our race car to have a great finish tonight!  GO 98!)

Visitors from Vietnam....

A delegation of official government visitors from Vietnam came to First Woodstock this past Sunday and we were afforded a delightful lunch with them.  They were extremely cordial and seemed to have had an enjoyable experience while visiting the U.S.  Their trip included visits to Nashville to meet with denominational officials to explore the Christian Church in America since some of the churches in Vietnam are now able to meet with permission from the government. Our Timothy+Barnabas Ministry was able to send some gifts home to their family.  In conversation with them, I asked what type of items they had purchased for their wives to take back to them and found the answers very interesting.....shampoo to computers!  We hope to see them again,