We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't believe I forgot to tell you about our race last Saturday night at the Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC. We were about to win that thing when we had a restart (always double file) and the guy we were racing with who was running in 2nd jumped the start and took the lead with only 5 laps left and we couldn't catch him to pass. We finished 2nd.....Hickory Motor Speedway is next on August 29th. We won at that track the last time we were there and of course, I am expecting another win at HMS! Can't wait!

Please Pray!

The first of many meetings of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force met on Tuesday & Wednesday at a hotel here in Atlanta. It seems they got off to a very good start just beginning to lay some ground work and talking about their huge task before them with such a limited time frame in which to accomplish much for the better of our convention. However, this is not going to be easy and they desperately need the prayers of the people. If you have not already done so, please go to www.pray4gcr.com and become an official prayer warrior for this team. They need your prayers! (The photo was taken at the press conference at the end of the meeting on Wednesday)

Happy Birthday, #2!

I know Katie's birthday has passed and was officially last month but we were away at the beach and she couldn't celebrate with her friends at PCB so we had a belated birthday party for her at the mall! Yes.....the mall! It was so very much fun and the girls loved it! They did a scavenger hunt. The girls divided up into three teams. We gave each of them a little purse with $7 in it and a list of 14 items they had to either purchase (all within a certain price range) or questions about the mall they had to answer all within an hour and it was a race to see which team finished first and which team came back with the most money left over after all their purchases. After the hunt, they were each given money to purchase the dinner of their choice in the food court. The little divas were so very cute and extremely well behaved. It was a great party....#2! Happy Birthday, again, Katie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Final Days in PCB

All good things must come to an end and so did my summer vacation. However, before leaving PCB we had to make our trip to Zooworld! Also, I had the chance to meet my cousin, Kathy Ellis, whom I had not seen in many, many, many years (don't really know when I last saw her!) for dinner along with her sweet family. She is living in Ft. Walton which is not far from Panama City Beach. We had a great time getting to know each other after so many years. We will certainly keep in touch this time.

First Day of School 2009

Hope in 2008 going into First Grade and 2008 going into Second! Addie...Kindergarten here I come!!!

The proof is in the pictures! 2007, 2008 & 2009...growing way too fast....now in 5th & 6th grades!

Are You Squirrelly?

Can you identify with these two squirrels? The prime of life squirrel and the retired PCB squirrel! Latter squirrel, here I come!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


One more night....and it was Putt-Putt! I took the kiddos (Katie, Carson & the Hite girls...Deanna's condo neighbors) to Coconut Creek for Putt-Putt. (It is against the law to go to the beach and not play at least one round and I have been there 5 weeks and this was my first game of the season) I think everybody in PCB goes to that one and I think they were all there that night! Do you know how long it can take to play 18 holes of putt-putt with 4 children? A very long time! However, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice, cotton candy flavor, was definitely a great reward for patience! (I had been wanting one of those for weeks)

Now, to bed to get up early and start H-O-M-E...I'm not happy....I LOVE the beach......why didn't the Lord give us Beach Resort Ministry as a vocation? I know....He didn't want to.... that's why!

Bye Bye Babies...

Well....it has been fun but time for the babies to go bye bye!! We have had a great time and the girls were very good for me and Deanna but Mommy and Daddy are anxiously waiting to see their little angels! We took Hope and Addie to the airport at 7am on Wednesday morning to meet their plane ride back to ATL. I showed up at the airport with my running shoes and exercise clothes on just in case I had to run down the runway to catch the plane to put the girls on it! We wouldn't want the parents to be disappointed and not see them for another day, now would we??? Whew! We made it....on the plane safe and sound and back in the arms of their mom and dad who are all rested up and ready to see their little munchkins! I miss them already......

Grandchildren Grand Finale

The Grandchildren Grand Finale before the end of our month long vacation took us to the Junior Museum in Panama City, Florida. The children really enjoy going to these museums in the different cities we visit and find that they are all so much fun and all are very different in each of the cities where we have been. And, of course, no fun time is complete without hunting for a geocache somewhere in the area....of course, they found it. These kids are becoming such experts that I waited in the car and they took the GPS and found the cache themselves! Carson had his friend, Mack Myers, with him for the day and it was his first geocaching experience.

Maryville, IL

March 8, 2009 changed the lives of a family and church in Maryville, IL forever when a man went into the church and shot Pastor Fred Winters during the service. Johnny had the privilege of ministering to that congregation and pastor's family last weekend on the last Sunday of our vacation. Usually he doesn't preach during our 'vacation' time, but this was a special circumstance as you can well imagine and we felt the need to make an exception and I am so very glad we did. In the picture is Pastor Winters' widow, Cindy. She and her darling daughters had dinner with us on Saturday night. We enjoyed our time spent with the good folks in Maryville.

Happy Birthday Katie!

My Katie Bug turned 11...Eleven...!!! I can't believe it has been eleven years since our beautiful granddaughter was birthed into this world and changed our lives forever! Being a grandparent is such a joy especially when you have children and grandchildren
as wonderful as ours. Her big day was on July 27 but I am just now posting after a whirlwind of a time being MiMommy to four beautiful grandchildren. Happy Birthday, Katie....Sorry this is late getting to the blog! You are a wonderful and sweet blessing to me and Papa. We love you!