We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Unforgettable Day at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Those of you who know me at all know that I am very much a 'NASCAR junkie' and this has been the best day ever at the races, of course, other than the night of the win of Jake and Deanna's 98 at Greenville! It all began with Johnny telling me that he was going to miss the evening service and take me to the race at AMS. Well, I know how the traffic is getting there and knew we could not make it in time but was happy that he offered to take me....then the kicker....we were going on the helicopter with Gov. Perdue! Wow! What a ride....it was great! My first time on one and I was very apprehesive to say the least, but I will do anything, obviously, to get to a race! I loved the helicopter ride, especially since we didn't crash! Not only is our Governor a great guy, a dedicated Christian, but a good helicopter pilot....he helped with the flight home and even landed it. Great job, Gov! Going to the race with him was such a wonderful treat....but much like going to the Southern Baptist Convention with Johnny! Some of you know what I mean, however, it is always good to be with a well-liked and popular guy....you get all types of perks....like going anywhere on the track you want to go. And watching the race in a climate controlled suite with lots of food and ice cream did not spoil our fun at all. Here are some photos from our fabulous day at the races.

Thank you so very much Governor Perdue for an unforgettable time and thank you sweet husband for such a marvelous and thoughtful gift of a great day and your sacrifice to go with me. (Your emotional love bank is overflowing!)

Governor Perdue and the pilot

David Gilliland #38, Our friend, Brian Dunnaway works on the pit crew for the M&M team.
Carl Edwards #99 was a very nice guy and wanted us to meet his mother! A very classy lady.

And the winner is Jimmie Johnson in the #48 car! I

think we brought good luck to him before the race by visiting his car.

Our new friend, David Ragan #6
Ryan Newman, #12: We talked about our mutual friend,

Eddie Carswell. He sang at Ryan's wedding.
A Hero from the past...Roger Staubauch, one of the owners

of the #96 car driven by Tony Raines
These two need no introduction!
Jeff and Ingrid Gordon, #24....No baby sightings today!

Girls at the Beach

I headed to the beach with Deanna and Kim for a couple of days and met Hollie and Addie for a quickie girls getaway....We had so much fun....Addie is such a diva in every way! Here she is looking at a "Fishing in the Gulf" book and talking on the phone to her daddy. I am not sure what we are going to do about her. Hopie stayed at home with her daddy so she could go to school. She really likes school. Addie already knows everything!

Hollie with her friend, Meredith from OK. Her husband, Alex, surprised her with a trip to visit Hollie in Panama City Beach for a few days. They had not seen each other in a long time and had a great visit. It was good to see her again.
On the way to Panama City Beach, Addie tells Hollie, "MiMommy has not taught me to fish!" Well, I have now and she is 'hooked'! Her favorite part of the fishing experience was her taking the shrimp out of the bag and peeling it for me. I have another fishing buddy to add to my list. However, we never caught a fish that day, but she was not discouraged and said, "Well, maybe another day. Can we come back again and fish?" I said, "Of course!" and I can't wait until the next time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MiMommy and Papa are Back!

The weekend was so great. We arrived back in the US safely on Saturday morning. After unpacking four suitcases, I headed to Cumming to spend the day at the Quartermidget track to see Carson race. He did very well with a third place finish....those tiny kids are sooo cute driving those little racecars! (Did you know that racecar is spelled the same forwards and backwards?)

After the race I drove to Marietta to pick up Hope for her to spend the night with us. She was such a delight to have overnight, however, I wasn't much company for her after about 9pm....I fell asleep watching the movie with her but she was patient and woke me up when it was over to finally get in her bed! (She will not dare go to sleep until the movie is over no matter how sleepy she is.)

Sunday was a great day....church was great....Hollie, Pete, Hope, Addie, Deanna, Jake and Carson had lunch with us and that was great(Katie went home with a friend after church)....the Martinsville race was great with Jimmy Johnson taking the win....Dr. Vines' pm message was great....then I was grateful to go home after church and recupperate from a very busy weekend!!!
Now....I am off to the Beach.....

Two of my precious grandchildren, Hope and Addie!

The Girls' Dorm in Monte, Argentina

The Girls' Dormatory in Monte, Argentina at the Word of Life Bible Institute is now complete! It was dedicated a couple of years ago in honor of Johnny and Janet Hunt. Here are a few pictures of the finished project.

Highlights of Timothy+Barnabas Argentina

We had a wonderful time in Argentina with our friends from all over Central and South America and other parts of the world. Renewing friendships, bringing some needed joy to discouraged lives and teaching God's word was appreciated by men and women alike. Time well spent!

The Master Teacher at Timothy+Barnabas Argentina

A Special Luncheon with Special Friends

Me, Agnes (the tall one) and the Other Girls from Brazil

Johnny, Janet, Andres and Mirta at the Big Banquet...quite an affair!

The Girls of Timothy+Barnabas Argentina

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are in Buenos Aires tonight for Johnny to do a men's conference. Tomorrow we will travel to the Word of Life property in Monte for the Timothy+Barnabas conference where we will minister to many pastors and students who just love Johnny Hunt! He is almost royalty here! Please pray for us as we try to encourage these men and women. Last night we were at a banquet to honor the staff of the Word of Life Ministry. Their singers sang in Spanish, Newsong's "Jesus to the World". When they began singing, I thought, that sure does sound familiar and Jeremy Law looked at me and said, "That is Newsong's music! How exciting it was for us to hear that...... Look for more pictures of Argentina to come.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Day (and Night) Out With Addie

Hollie is at Panama City Beach with the girlfriends. We met Pete and Hope at Cracker Barrell after a fun day with Addie. Those two girls ate everything on the table. It is a good thing that Buddy, the dog, is not able to eat scraps because he would have starved tonight....it was fun to be with them and "Mr. Mom".

Well, Addie is just like her mom, Hollie. She loves to takes pictures! This is one of her masterpieces. Hollie is at the beach on a 'girlfriend getaway' so I picked up Addie for the day and we had a blast! We met Ivy and Michele for lunch, made a quick trip to the mart downtown, shopped at Ulta and Office Max...then to my house to meet Papa for dinner. Sooo much fun and she was soooo good. However, she was not happy to find out that Deanna, Jake, Katie and Carson were at Disney World and did not take Belle! She could not understand why Belle could not go with them. I am just glad she did not ask me why she didn't get to go with them!

A Great Few Days!

Johnny and I were able to spend a few days at Panama City Beach last weekend. However, Johnny's trip was shortened a bit when he had to return home for another funeral. Another long time friend, Charlie Hyde, died and Johnny had the privilege of speaking at his service. However, I stayed behind to "hold down the beach!" That means I had to stay behind to fish....A boy did I catch a doozie! You may not be able to tell from the picture, but it is a very very large fish! You can ask Jake.....he had to take it off the hook...it was not a quarter fish...it was more like a dollar fish. Oh, I guess I still owe Jake a dollar!

A Sad Week

It was a very sad week as we said 'Goodbye' to our sweet friend Mike Swims. God received him into heaven on Friday, September 28 and we had his celebration of life service on Sunday afternoon, September 30. It was a very encouraging service and several people prayed to receive Christ at the service. Many testimonies were given of how Mike was a dedicated Christian man whose love for Christ was evident in everything he said and did at work (co-owner of Dixie Speedway) and everything else he was involved in. Please pray for his wonderful wife, Debra and their two children, Chase and Breanna. Chase is away at college in Alabama and Bre is a student at Woodstock High School. For more on the life of Mike Swims go to http://www.dixiespeedway.com/ and view the guestbook.