We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  We have escaped the ghosts and goblins and have found 'sweet serenity' at PCB!  The weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful!  Happy Trick or Treating!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Family Night!

Our October Family Night was great..again!!  Papa Johnny was so good to us and treated us to the perfect October treat of going to see "Wicked" at the Fox Theater.  It was fantastic!  Before the show, Mary Mac's Tea Room was the hot spot for the family dinner.  I don't have pictures of us because I thought the battery had died in my camera, but actually, the battery was in the camera the wrong way!  Oh well, Hollie had her 'new' camera so maybe she'll post some of us 'in the act'!  It was Deanna's month to choose the place for the party and she did good!  Next month we get to have a Family Week rather than a Family Night and it will be held in Mexico!!!!  I can't wait!!  We'll be celebrating our 38th anniversary and Deanna's 30+ birthday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What will she say next?

This child never stops making us wonder where she came from!  You never know what she is going to say next!  Last week Hollie had her hearing checked.  The doctor said that she needed to have one of her ears checked further by the ENT doctor which is not totally abnormal for a child her age.  Addie was asked if she had a hard time hearing just some of the time or all the time and she replied, "I can't hear on Wednesdays and Fridays"!  She also said that she is not smart during the week but she is smart on the weekends!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MiMommy Time!

I finally got to be MiMommy again!  Hollie and Pete went to Gatlinburg for their Church Staff Retreat and I was able to keep Hope and Addie while they were away.  They were very good!  They are getting older which is good and bad!  They are easier to handle but growing too fast!  It was certainly different for me having to get up at 6 am while it is still dark!  I was outside seeing my precious Hope onto the school bus in my bathrobe every morning and I still can't believe it did that, but, it is so dark that time of morning that all I had to do was not turn on the porch light and the bus driver would never know it is not Hollie!  Then, the challenge of little Addie getting ready for school and deciding if I am going to let her wear what she chooses or not!  Of course, I let her wear what she wants, after all, I am leaving on Wednesday and I AM the MiMommy and can get away with things like that.  I don't believe it ever really hurt a child to wear clothes that don't exactly look good together anyway.  Hollie can deal with her when she gets back!  We have had a great time this week doing all the fun things like getting Halloween costumes and going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes.  I do find those things fun.  After all, I AM the MiMommy!

We are definitely spoiled!

What a way to travel.  This has definitely spoiled us!  It is just like the Lord to provide just what we need but only when we need it.  In all of our years of ministry, we have never had people offer such generous resources as we have had in the last few months!  The "Presidency" hasn't changed our schedule tremendously because you can't be away but so many days in a week anyway, but travel in planes such as this certainly makes dealing with the travel so much easier and less tiresome.  BUT, there IS a consequence of taking advantage of such gifts.....you get very, very spoiled!!!  I dread to think what life will be like later!  But in the meanwhile, we will just thank Jesus for His generous followers!  Last week Johnny spoke at Thomas Road, Liberty University, Noonday Association, Southern Seminary, Southeastern Seminary and a ministry banquet!  A bench was purchased at Southeastern Seminary in our honor last year. We now have a Chair, Bench and Furnished Room at SEBTS!  We love that place, especially our sweet friends, Danny and Charlotte Akin who it was great seeing last week.  

And you thought I had passed away!

No!  Just VERY busy!  We have been soooo busy that we just HAD to get in some 'alone time' for just me and the husband!  We were scheduled to go to a foreign land, but our visas were denied which left us with a week that there was nothing on the schedule and it was a GOOD thing because the schedule had just about done us in!  Therefore, we spent a few days in Grand Cayman at the Ritz!  It was just as fabulous as it sounds!  We did nothing but rest and rest and rest!  Never went into a store (or church!), except for the gift shop at the resort and didn't spend a dime!  It is bad when you purchase something at the airport gift shop so that you don't have to put $0 on the Customs Form entering back into the US because you didn't purchase anything, so I spent $15!  (The $0 always looks suspicious when Grand Cayman supposedly has such great stores for shopping, but who needed to shop?.....we needed rest!)  The "bed of roses" was a gift from a friend who is an Executive with the Ritz Carlton.  She knew about our upcoming anniversary so that was a special touch! (We were at the Ritz Carlton downtown the night before our flight so we had two nights of roses!  I need to give her the keys to my house!)