We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello, Mr. President!

We had the awesome privilege of meeting President and Mrs. Bush in Washington on Monday evening. Governor and Mrs. Perdue invited us to be their guests at the Republican Governor's Gala making us two of the few official greeters as the President and First Lady arrived at the event. As you might expect, they were very warm and personable and interested in who we were.....as we were in the line with a couple of Governor's and their wives. Johnny explained that he was the Pastor of Sonny Perdue and he said, "Sonny needs a Pastor and I need a Pastor!" We had our picture made with the two of them and then with Governor, Mary and the President and wife. Of course these were taken by the White House photogaphers so I do not yet have the pictures, but be assured you will see them as soon as they arrive! Another treat that night was to meet Arnold....from California!! He was unbelievably short! The Terminator was short!!! That is, short compared to the height I had expected him to be....not even 6 feet tall! Johnny could look him in the eyes....of course, I couldn't because I was star-struck!!! I couldn't even think straight enough to grab the camera and take a picture. The Governor kept saying, "Do you want a picture with him?....By the time I could say, "yes", he was off and away!!! The words just wouldn't come out!

After all the introductions, it was time for the program and guess who gave the invocation???? Yes, my famous husband, Dr. Johnny Hunt....prayed before President Bush delivered his speech! However, that night he was, Dr. Johnny Hunt, from Woodcock. Georgia! Woodcock....Woodstock ... call it what you will, just bring on the famous people!

Governor and Ms. Mary left after the event with 5 other Governors and wives to go to the White House to spend the night there after having dinner with Pres. and Mrs. Bush in their private quarters.

On Tuesday morning, Governor Perdue arranged a guided tour of the White House for me and Johnny. We were only able to visit the East Wing but it was wonderful to see and hear about all the history of that famous house.

It may be a long time before we desire to visit Washington again and especially the White House, so this was definitely a blessing from God and we give Him thanks for making it happen.

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Shelley said...

I was hoping you'd fill us in on this, so thank you for not disappointing! ;-) I was so happy for you both when Pastor mentioned you were getting to do this. Too cool!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Ms. Janet,
What an amazing honor!
I've been keeping up with your blog for a while and I'm constantly keeping Steven informed of what's going on in your lives!
Thanks for letting us be a part!
Cheryl A.

Jon said...

Can't wait to see the pictures.