We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Timothy+Barnabas 2008!

Dawn Campagna two years ago! She lost 200 lbs. by dieting and excercise!  No surgery!!!  What an inspiration she was to us all.  She was extremely deserving of our afternoon of pampering at the Atlanta Timothy+Barnabas!
Dawn Campagna....before the pampering session
Dawn Campagna....after the pampering session!
Tricia Denney....before the pampering session in Gatlinburg
Tricia Denney.....after the pampering session!

Week before last, we had our first Timothy+Barnabas in Gatlingburg and it was a huge success!  This week we ended the Timothy+Barnabas Conferences for 2008 in Atlanta.  I want to thank my very good friends, Beloved, for coming to bless our ladies.  Also, the great and wonderful, Lori Salierno along with my friend from way way back, Lois Jane!  As usual, my sidekick, Sarah Hill was along in rare form helping to keep me all together and the extremely talented hair stylist, Julia Basich did her magic once again.  Another kind and wonderful friend of mine, Nancy Burgess was there to help counsel those who needed her.  Our good friend, Greg Moss, donated lots of diamonds to give away.  After all, those ministers wives are definitely deserving of the best of the best and we all know DIAMONDS are the best!

I invite you to visit the websites of my gals who participated in the Timothy+Barnabas conferences this week.  www.belovedga.com/www.celebratelife.org/www.loisjane.com/www.heartandsoulconnection.com


The Hackney's said...

I love these stories! How inspiring! I am glad that T+B went well this year. It touches and blesses so many! Have a great week! We love you!

My Dear Family said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in Atlanta. It was a nice break from our hectic lives. We as pastor's wives need somewhere that we can let our hair down, relax, and laugh.

You are just plain fun to be around!