We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MiMommy Time!

I finally got to be MiMommy again!  Hollie and Pete went to Gatlinburg for their Church Staff Retreat and I was able to keep Hope and Addie while they were away.  They were very good!  They are getting older which is good and bad!  They are easier to handle but growing too fast!  It was certainly different for me having to get up at 6 am while it is still dark!  I was outside seeing my precious Hope onto the school bus in my bathrobe every morning and I still can't believe it did that, but, it is so dark that time of morning that all I had to do was not turn on the porch light and the bus driver would never know it is not Hollie!  Then, the challenge of little Addie getting ready for school and deciding if I am going to let her wear what she chooses or not!  Of course, I let her wear what she wants, after all, I am leaving on Wednesday and I AM the MiMommy and can get away with things like that.  I don't believe it ever really hurt a child to wear clothes that don't exactly look good together anyway.  Hollie can deal with her when she gets back!  We have had a great time this week doing all the fun things like getting Halloween costumes and going to Chuck E. Cheese.  Yes.  I do find those things fun.  After all, I AM the MiMommy!


Hollie said...

Tonight it's Papa time....he's on his way! They had fun with you. Thanks for teaching Addie how to clean a bathroom correctly!