We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay! Okay! I'll Try!!

Okay! Okay! I'll Try!  But I can't promise you anything!  Updating after this long is not easy, but I'll give it a shot!  The last post was on my birthday and a lot has happened since then, but too much to write about so I'll just give you a briefing of what has happened since I turned 55!!  The next milestone event for me was the celebration of our 38th wedding anniversary.  Johnny and I celebrated in Mexico the week before our annual family vacation at Thanksgiving.  We had a great time together with friends in Punta Mita, Mexico. I am sure you know this by now, but I have the greatest husband in the universe!


The Greggs said...

I've been missing you and your posts! It's good to have you "back"! And I'll need to armwrestle you about who has the best husband ever!