We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July, Flat tires and Racing!

Our Fourth of July celebrations this year were a little different than our usual fabulous fireworks at the beach that we always look forward to even though we had a wonderful weekend.  The celebration began when we were on our way to Greenville- Pickens Speedway for the Firecracker 125 anticipating a win at one of our favorite tracks where we have celebrated a past checkered flag.  Our sweet friends, Mark and Derema Davis offered to drive us to the racetrack after Abi Apon's wedding so here we go with them and Greg and Stephanie Moss when all of a sudden.....a flat tire!!  You will see here in the picture Derema and Stephanie(I am taking the picture) along with....who is that man?  Johnny? Mark? Greg?  No! The AAA Road Service guy!  Where are the guys who were with us in the car??  Mark is at Wal-mart & Johnny and Greg are next door at Waffle House while the girls get the tire changed!!
(Okay...the rest of the story....on Mark's behalf....he is at Wal-Mart with the flat tire getting it repaired.  Lindsey and Taylor happened to be close behind on their way to Greenville as well and picked him up and took him to the Wal-Mart about 10 miles away.  But as for Johnny and Greg....well....they are preachers.....need I say more???  Mark is a Sunday School teacher!)

The rest of the rest of the story....The race night we were looking forward to didn't turn out quite like we had hoped!  A DNF for Greenville (Did Not Finish for those of your who are not avid race fans).  The engine blew during practice the night before and was replaced with the back up engine and just did not perform up to par.....at least not that night! (Another example of racing a FORD...Found On Road Dead!)


The Davis Family said...

I can't believe us girls had to change that tire! Ha!Ha! Mark is in double trouble since he is a preacher and a SS teacher! It was a great time even though we didn't win. Love, Derema