We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally Catching Up!

Catching up on all that we have been doing lately is tough. There is always something exciting going on so I'll have to go back to August when we had our staff retreat. As usual, the girls had a great time being together, laughing, talking and just being girls. We usually try to do something different and fun so this year I insisted that we take part in my favorite hobby (other than racing) which you know is....geocaching! We had two teams and several caches to find. The first team to find all the caches and get back to the hotel first won! Of course, my team won and my fellow geocachers are pictured above. The other team, Millie, Kathy, Nancy and Linda did a great job finding the caches but were not quite fast enough.

Then there was Israel! We had a quick but wonderful trip to the Land of our Lord. Our dear friends, Mike and Ann White went with us and it was fast and furious! Much different from our previous trips as we had to move very quickly to see it all and still didn't quite make all the sites we would like to have seen. Of course, while there I just had to do it....I had to find a geocache. There was one at the airstrip at Massada so I dropped off a travel bug that I picked up in Argentina that was traveling the world. How fun!!