We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cairo, Egypt

Yes...it is the Christian symbol right here in North Africa!
This is a Coptic Church that was carved into the mountain...never seen
anything like this before! There were two churches like this a few hundred yards from each
other and this is the smaller one!

All of this and more was carved into the side of the mountain! And we thought Stone
Mountain had some artwork! More carvings are still being done.
One view of the larger of the two churches. They have services every
Thursday night and thousands of people go every week.
Another view of the Coptic Church
"Garbage City"....all of the garbage in Cairo is sent to this place
recycle what they can with most of the work being done by women and children. The two Coptic Churches above are nearby the Garbage City and we were told that those workers in the are the people who did the work to build the churches and do the carvings in the mountain
A family living on the roof of a building. Notice the satellite. One person called it the 'national flower'. People may not have much, but they will have a satellite. That is why our investment in the Kingdom Sat is so worthy. I was speaking to a group of women who did not know me but they saw a picture of Johnny and said, "He is famous here! He is on our TV!"
The Nile River
Our first view of the pyramids from the city of Cairo!
Here we are! Giza Pyramids
You can even shop in the desert!
Another taping for the IMB
Right across the street from the Spinx was a KFC where we had lunch! You could take a
picture of the pyramids from the window of the KFC!

The pyramids are only a short distance from the city