We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Missing Dr. Falwell

This past Tuesday we flew to Lynchburg, Va. (on a King Air owned by Liberty University) for Johnny to attend the Liberty University Board of Trustees Meeting. For the first time, the wives of the trustees were invited to attend a brunch given by Becki Falwell, the wife of Jerry, Jr.. We had a delightful brunch and tour of the new Montview Mansion (formerly the Carter Glass Mansion). This is where Dr. Falwell's office was which is now roped off and left just as it was when he died. The house has been remodeled and will open soon for guests of Liberty University. Just outside the Montview Mansion is the eternal flame and burial spot of Dr. Falwell. It was my privilege to sit with Mrs. Falwell at the brunch and hear her entertaining stories of the past. She certainly truly misses Dr. Falwell and has experienced many 'firsts' this year....Dr. Falwell died on May 15 of 2007. She seems to be doing well and has a very close relationship with her sister who lives close by and takes great care of her. I know she is proud of her two sons, Jonathan and Jerry, Jr. who have picked up and carried on the legacy of a great father. We all miss him.
The trip home.....due to the stormy weather and the size of the plane we were traveling on (small) we decided to rent a car and drive home! The plane did make it safely into Atlanta, thank the Lord, and so did we....a few hours after the plane...but we made it without the fearfactor of the storms!
P.S. Of course, we were fortunate to have a delightful dinner with my niece, Lindsey and some other Liberty students from FBCW.


Joy said...

Hey Janet! Ashlyn and I were up Thursday-Sunday at Liberty to see Brittney. We missed each other by a few days. Would love to have seen you. Daddy did enjoy eating a nice dinner with Brittney, her boyfriend and several others. Found your blog on Jon's. God bless!

Joy (Vines) Williams