We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Addie Quips and Quotes!

You have heard about our Addie-tude!  We'll here is another example of her character....

She asked me the other day if I had on the same shirt as the night before when I saw her.  I said, "No, this is a different one".  I said, "what would you say if I told you it was the same one?"  She replied, "I would die!"

She has also developed an addiction to racing just as some of her other family members.  I will not say who they are, but their initials are Mimommy and Aunt Deanna!  I call it her "addi-iction".  She loves to go to Carson's Quarter Midget races and also to see Jake's car run.  She literally begs to go to the race track and really watches the races intently.  (Remember she is only 4).  When she went with us to Cordele, she asked me on Saturday night if we are going to the races in the morning.  I told her, "No, Addie, we are going to watch Talladega tomorrow".  She said, "I can't watch that!"  I said, "sure you can".  She said, "No, Mommy and Daddy said I cannot watch that!"  Then it hit me....she was talking about the movie, Talladega Nights!  She was right!  She can't watch that!  She would be ruined for life!  
These are pictures Addie took of herself.


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