We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fishing with Kevin Flaver

We had the most wonderful day!  It began early as we met at the dock at 7:30am for our half day of fishing with Kevin Flaver.  Kevin is a local fisherman/outdoorsman here in Jacksonville, FL who has a weekly radio and TV show. (www.outdoorsshow.com)  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we could not have had a better day!  We actually caught fish.  There were a few fish that we could not picture here on the blog.  The largest fish of the day...one I caught....did not get photographed!  The photographer (Pastor Johnny) didn't quite know how to work the camera!  Isn't that a coincidence?  It was a 4 lb. Puppy Drum!  However, I got him back because one of the fish he caught was so small it kept falling through the net!  Picture #1 is a 2.5 lb. Red Fish that Johnny caught...the second picture is a 1.5 lb. Spanish Mackerel that I caught but you cannot tell that I am running from the fish!  It kept slipping out of Kevin's hands and it had teeth!!  Picture #3 is Johnny holding the last fish of the day that I caught(1 lb. Puppy Drum), but I let Johnny hold it.  It was caught with the 'last shrimp' in the bucket.  (We were fishing with live shrimp)  I just wonder how much Johnny paid Kevin to make me think that was really the last shrimp in the boat!  Johnny and I had a great time, but he was definitely ready to go back to shore.  We all know who the real fisherman in the family is!  Not Mr. A.D.D.!  Johnny and I then had a great lunch at a quaint little waterfront seafood restaurant before Johnny's appointment to feed his addiction...the spa... and mine...shopping!  Then, without a nap, we headed for a movie...Indiana Jones...(don't waste your time) but the popcorn was good!  Room service was even better!


The Carswells said...

You caught some fish! Just not exactly the same as what we caught in Costa Rica though! :)
Wish ya'll were here with all of us...