We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Miracle!

Hello, Mr. President!  It is to BE!  The Lord has spoken loud and clear.....Johnny Hunt, President of the Southern Baptist Convention!  It is a privilege and an awesome responsibility but the Lord has lead him thus far and will not let him down now that he is elected.  And, what an election!  Everyone knew, including us, that there would just have to be a runoff with 6 candidates being presented for the same office, but no!  There was not.  He received 52%+ of the votes cast!  That was just another confirmation from the Lord that Johnny was definitely placed in that position for 'such a time as this'.  Now, what do we do next?  I assume just as we always have...wait upon the Lord to speak again.....please pray that we will listen and obey! (Picture:  The first Press Conference of many to come.  I don't like that part of the job but he sure did good and looked great!)  More to come later....I'm really tired and my feet hurt terribly bad!


Cheryl said...

Oh Mrs. Janet,
We are beyond excited!!! Steven and I watched the nominations online. I was home by myself when they announced the results, I was jumping up and down, I'm sure I looked goofy!
Please tell Pastor Johnny congratulations for us!
We are already praying for him!
We love y'all,
Steven and Cheryl

Kasey Ewing said...

Congrats! I also watched it online. I was praying the whole time that this would happen. We are so excited for y'all and what God will do through him.
Much love,
Kasey Lowery Ewing

Joy said...

Congratulations to Pastor Johnny! This is so great. We had a blast when Daddy was President. Enjoy it!


Woodman said...

Mrs. Janet, please tell Bro. Johnny congratulation on being elected President of the S.B.C.! There's not a better man to hold that position! I love me some Johnny!! :) I'm a faithful podcast listener from Jackson, MS. I wanted to email him but couldnt find his email address! Could you also please pass along to him that he needs to start making the evening sermons available on podcast too!! He is always mentioning, "I'll talk more about that tonight" ....but then I dont get to hear about it!!!! :)

Anyway!! I love y'all dearly and make it a point to go hear Bro. Johnny any time he's near the Jackson area!!!

Love your blog too!!! (P.S. My husband is turning me into a Nascar fan!! :)

Because He Lives,

Grosey's Messages said...

Congratulations from Australia.
You are God's man for such a time as this.