We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pope!

Yes!  It's true....Donald Pope really did get married!  He married Suzanne Villagio, a sweet and beautiful widow lady he met at FBCW. They fell in love very quickly and couldn't live without each other!  It was a very simple and sweet wedding on Sunday, June 22 at the church.  The highlight was the presence of Donald's son, Lee.  He is an absolute hoot and my children just love him (especially Hollie and Pete).  Donald and Suzanne are on a two week honeymoon in Cancun.  Congratulations to both of them.


Shelley said...

Please tell Donald Stephen and I wish him all the best. This is such great news and I am so happy for them!!

Nakiru said...

I'm so happy for Donald! They all look great!!

Brenda said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Donald and Suzanne, I have been anxious to see them...they look great! I know Debbie would be happy that he has found someone to share his life with.
We appreciate so much you letting us stay in your beautiful home during the visit for the wedding.
We had a great time. I'm enjoying reading your blogs and looking at the pictures. Mama says "hey" and again...thanks so much!!
We love you all!!

Rose said...

Great to see Pastor Donald so happy. We truly miss him in Aiken SC and would love to be able to get in touch with him. Let me know if you can assist in this matter