We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Monday, June 15, 2009

June Family Day!

Skeletal remains of a dolphin!
Boating Beauties!

Yes...the Hunts, Carswells and Hixsons are as usual a very busy families, but not too busy to take a day out with the family! Our family outing this month was while we were at Panama City Beach for the youth camps.  Johnny and Pete were there to speak at some of the sessions and Jake and Deanna were there for.......the summer.  Our friends in PCB have a great boat and they took all of us out for a day of fun to an island that has absolutely nothing on it and nobody!  It was fabulous to be there on that deserted island with not a care in the world.....not even the SBC!!  At least for a day....now back to real life.  I trust you are praying for us this week as we prepare for the annual meeting of the SBC.  Pray especially for my husband as he leads the convention meeting next week.  The Convention begins on Tuesday morning.  Ready or not, Louisville Here We Come! 


lindsey said...

is deanna wearing tanning goggles on the beach?