We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's finally over!  I am so very proud of my little husband.  He did such a marvelous job presiding over the convention. It was tough getting started since he had never been in that exact position before, but once he was accustomed to 'what he was doing', he relaxed and was not nearly as tensed as in the beginning.  We thank everyone for their prayers because we know that is what has gotten us through this last week.  Our friends have been faithful to pray for us just as they had promised and we truly thank you.  I am posting some pictures from the week.  I can't begin to tell you how long the days were and how exhausting it all was!  You will notice that the blogging stopped once the convention got started because there was absolutely no time for anything.....not even much sleep!  However, God is faithful and we made it through! Now....we know a little more of what we are doing.....look out Orlando.....here we come.....June 2010.....and then.....we're DONE!!

He is such a handsome President!
Much more at ease with the Press Conference than last year 
The overwhelming vote in favor of the Great Commission Resurgence and the authority for the President to appoint a task force to report at the 2010 Convention gathering in Orlando
Those screens were BIG!
Tie his hands and he can't talk! Ummmm, I haven't tried that...but I won't...will I?
The great FBCW choir and orchestra was so very supportive and kind to travel to Louisville.
In cooperation with Larry Jones and Feed the Children hundred of families were given food, cosmetics and personal items.  Next year, the goal is to send 50 tractor trailer loads to Orlando for distribution by Southern Baptists.
Husband was re-elected for another term as President of the SBC
He's such a fired-up little preacher!
A sermon a day.......sometimes two!
Singin' to Jesus!
Newsong....are they great or what????  We just love those guys!


TedE said...

Congratulations to each of you and your entire family. I am happy for a number of reasons, not the least that I share a bit of Cherokee Indian heritage from those Great Smokey Mountains! Keep doing good!

Mary H. Alford said...

I am so proud of you and Pastor Johnny..you guys are such a blessing. I hope that you are rested in the next few days. I know this takes a lot of you..maybe you can slide off to a little slice of heaven in Panama City and RELAX. We love you and glad things went so well.. To God be Glory..See you on Sunday1!

Donna Dear said...

Pastor Johnny did a great job not only for the business stuff, but preaching!! You looked cute too!

Bill said...

You folks might want to check out the below link to NewsOK, Oklahoma's leading newspaper before you endorse Feed The Children. If you look at it all including the court documents you'll have a much better idea of who you are dealing with and why Larry Jones wants to deal with you. PUBLICITY


The Hackney's said...

Mrs. Janet,
We love Woodstock too! We sure do miss ya'll! So proud of my pastor at the SBC! We love ya'll and hope you get some rest soon! Praying for you!

Mike, Annissa, and Kate

Patricia said...
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Michele Helms said...

Woodstock loves you too...or at least the Helms in Woodstock!!