We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MiMommy and Papa are Back!

The weekend was so great. We arrived back in the US safely on Saturday morning. After unpacking four suitcases, I headed to Cumming to spend the day at the Quartermidget track to see Carson race. He did very well with a third place finish....those tiny kids are sooo cute driving those little racecars! (Did you know that racecar is spelled the same forwards and backwards?)

After the race I drove to Marietta to pick up Hope for her to spend the night with us. She was such a delight to have overnight, however, I wasn't much company for her after about 9pm....I fell asleep watching the movie with her but she was patient and woke me up when it was over to finally get in her bed! (She will not dare go to sleep until the movie is over no matter how sleepy she is.)

Sunday was a great day....church was great....Hollie, Pete, Hope, Addie, Deanna, Jake and Carson had lunch with us and that was great(Katie went home with a friend after church)....the Martinsville race was great with Jimmy Johnson taking the win....Dr. Vines' pm message was great....then I was grateful to go home after church and recupperate from a very busy weekend!!!
Now....I am off to the Beach.....

Two of my precious grandchildren, Hope and Addie!