We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Unforgettable Day at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Those of you who know me at all know that I am very much a 'NASCAR junkie' and this has been the best day ever at the races, of course, other than the night of the win of Jake and Deanna's 98 at Greenville! It all began with Johnny telling me that he was going to miss the evening service and take me to the race at AMS. Well, I know how the traffic is getting there and knew we could not make it in time but was happy that he offered to take me....then the kicker....we were going on the helicopter with Gov. Perdue! Wow! What a ride....it was great! My first time on one and I was very apprehesive to say the least, but I will do anything, obviously, to get to a race! I loved the helicopter ride, especially since we didn't crash! Not only is our Governor a great guy, a dedicated Christian, but a good helicopter pilot....he helped with the flight home and even landed it. Great job, Gov! Going to the race with him was such a wonderful treat....but much like going to the Southern Baptist Convention with Johnny! Some of you know what I mean, however, it is always good to be with a well-liked and popular guy....you get all types of perks....like going anywhere on the track you want to go. And watching the race in a climate controlled suite with lots of food and ice cream did not spoil our fun at all. Here are some photos from our fabulous day at the races.

Thank you so very much Governor Perdue for an unforgettable time and thank you sweet husband for such a marvelous and thoughtful gift of a great day and your sacrifice to go with me. (Your emotional love bank is overflowing!)

Governor Perdue and the pilot

David Gilliland #38, Our friend, Brian Dunnaway works on the pit crew for the M&M team.
Carl Edwards #99 was a very nice guy and wanted us to meet his mother! A very classy lady.