We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girls at the Beach

I headed to the beach with Deanna and Kim for a couple of days and met Hollie and Addie for a quickie girls getaway....We had so much fun....Addie is such a diva in every way! Here she is looking at a "Fishing in the Gulf" book and talking on the phone to her daddy. I am not sure what we are going to do about her. Hopie stayed at home with her daddy so she could go to school. She really likes school. Addie already knows everything!

Hollie with her friend, Meredith from OK. Her husband, Alex, surprised her with a trip to visit Hollie in Panama City Beach for a few days. They had not seen each other in a long time and had a great visit. It was good to see her again.
On the way to Panama City Beach, Addie tells Hollie, "MiMommy has not taught me to fish!" Well, I have now and she is 'hooked'! Her favorite part of the fishing experience was her taking the shrimp out of the bag and peeling it for me. I have another fishing buddy to add to my list. However, we never caught a fish that day, but she was not discouraged and said, "Well, maybe another day. Can we come back again and fish?" I said, "Of course!" and I can't wait until the next time.