We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't give up on me, yet!!

It's difficult to put cool pictures on the blog without a cool camera of which I do NOT have. This cute camera I have doesn't take good pictures at all! Sometimes you can't even see the pictures! But, no more excuses because I am buying a good camera this week as not to become the "don't look at her blog because she never updates it" person!

OR - I could use the excuse....I have not fully recovered yet from the big wreck!
OR - I could use the excuse....I have not fully recovered yet from the big Easter week...and it was big! Johnny and I spent a few days in the Riveria....red neck Riveria..PCB and went home in time to go to Jake and Deanna's first race of the season which was very exciting to see the new car run for the first time. (Can't wait until next weekend for the next one in Dillon, SC which will bring back sweet memories because it was in the Dillon Courthouse where Johnny and I were married and I have not been back to Dillon since 1970!) We got home around 1:30am on Sunday morning, Easter morning! Went to church....great service...then had all the family over for lunch including Eddie and Terrie and Cody and Katie. We had a good lunch and then had the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard. The older the children get the harder it is for the 'hiders' to find all the eggs they hid! It was a fun time.
We were going to return to the Riveria on Sunday afternoon, but our dear friend, Gary Stewart, went to be with the Lord on Good Friday so we had his funeral service on Monday morning. Monday afternoon we headed back to PCB and stayed until Friday. Again, another friend in heaven! This time our sweet friend, Jane Audia. Her funeral service was today, Saturday.

She had a very sweet service to say, "Goodnight, Jane. We'll see you in the morning!"

Tonight Hopie is spending the night with me and will go to church with me in the morning. We have had a lot of fun tonight. She is such a delightful child.

Here are a few pictures from Easter:


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