We Love Woodstock!

We Love Woodstock!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a Fun Week!

Tuesday, March 11 am: Did you see Good Morning America on Monday morning? If so, you got to catch our sweet friend, Anita Renfroe on there with Diane Sawyer! Anita is now a regular contributor for that show! Anita is just the best....so funny and so sweet and so much fun to be with. Deanna and I had lunch with Anita and her cool, fun Mother, Kay, at the Tea Room then went for a bit of therapy...shopping in downtown Woodstock. We had a blast together. We better see Anita while we can because she is getting big....as in famous! Go for it...but please don't forget us..the common folks in Woodcock!! (see the article below about our visit to Washington, DC to understand Woodcock!)

Tuesday, March 11 pm: Schedules!! We all live by a calendar with very busy schedules but we do get to see our families quite a bit. However, getting all three families together at the same time for a family outing is not always easy. So, Hollie devised a plan where we each family gets to choose where we will go and what we will do one night each month. Hollie was first and she chose for us to go to Kani House and then bowling. It was a surprise that she chose bowling because she has to be the worse bowler there has ever been! She was really really bad! Even Addie had a higher score than Hollie! But, if she had been good, the evening would not have been nearly as much fun! We enjoyed laughing at her and making fun of her! She is a barrel of laughs anyway and was not offended by our comments of her total inability to knock down more than one pin at a time! I can't remember what her total score was, but it was in the range of 25!! It was a great family night. Deanna is next to chose the when, where and what and I can't wait to see what is next in store for the Hunt, Carswell, Hixson night out...stay tuned!

Sunday, March 9: Everyone kept saying, "I guess you are going to the race at AMS this week?" My answer had been, "No, the weather is always so unpredictable so I am waiting for someone to offer me some suite passes so I can be inside where the weather doesn't matter!" Of course, I was only kidding because how many people do we know who have suite tickets and will actually offer them to us?? Not many....I can't think of even one....BUT, someone in another state did call on Friday before the race on Sunday and offer us some suite tickets they were not going to be able to use! Do you think I would pass them up! Right!! So, they overnighted them, but to my dismay they arrived via the US Mail and someone had to be home to sign for them, which we were not, so they ended up back at the post office with a note left that said we could pick up the envelope after 9am on Monday morning....after the race!!! You think I was happy? Do you think I was extremely frustrated? But God is good...all the time! After many calls and many prayers, just by me I am sure, we managed to get to the right person...a very nice person....who spoke with another very nice person....who delivered the envelope to my home on Sunday morning! God is good... He must also like racing! Deanna and Jake already had tickets and had some friends going with them so after church on Sunday morning, we all headed for Hampton. Hollie was able to go with me and we had a great day at the races.

Saturday, March 8: Hollie and Pete went away for the night for a 'special surprise getaway' and I kept Hope for them and Addie stayed with her special aunt, Deanna. Johnny was away doing a men's conference so Hope and I had some special time together starting with going to the Alliance Theater to see Seussical the Musical. I tried to explain what a 'play' was, but must not have gotten the message through to her because she kept referring to the "sing-a-long" we were going to. We both really enjoyed the play. It was only an hour and 10 minutes long which was great for children of that age. We arrived about an hour before needing to be seated in the theater so we had a delightful lunch at a special restaurant in the Woodruff Arts Center.